What is Power Talkie?

Power Talkie is a portable device that works with

your smartphone to keep you connected when

there is no cell service. You can use it to track

your friends location and send message and voice

to them when you skiing, hiking, walking, and surfing.

It’s compatible with other walkie talkie or two-way

radios. you can use it to send voice to other walkie

talkie or two-way radios.


Product Name: Power Talkie

Size: 127x72.5x26mm (without antenna)

Transmitter Power: 2W

Operating Frequency: UHF radio, 462.55MHZ-462.725MHZ

Power Source: 6000mAh/3.8V lithium ion polymer battery

Power Talkie is Great for

Outdoor Activities

When stay in remote where without cell networks, can keep in touch by voice, message and share GPS location.

Natural Disaster Emergency

Create a reliable network to keep in touch with each other when natural disasters occur.

Long Distance Communication

20 miles communication range.

Depending on Topography

Charge Your Device

Built with 6000mAh battery, can standby for

7 days and charge other devices as well.

Built To Last

Three proofings,Waterproof rating of IP67,can

adapt to a variety of outdoor environments.


In the case of emergency,can send out

the signal with location to all nearby

who connect with PT network.

Power button


Li-polymer battery cell


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